Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Bay Lakes Knitting Guild to give knitters of all skill levels the opportunity to get to know other knitters, to learn new techniques, and to share their ideas, resources, and talents with the community.

Sunday, December 5, 2021

The End

 It is with great sadness that I announce the dissolution of the Bay Lakes Knitting Guild. The times and circumstances did us in. We are all still knitting we just won't be knitting together once a month. The Guild email address will still be monitored so if you have a question or a knitting problem contact: baylakesknittingguild(at)outlook(dot)com.

Thanks for all the years of knitting fun!

Monday, October 11, 2021

Just In Time!

Just in time for next week's program, Modern Daily Knitting has a post about Mosaic Knitting today with great descriptions, explanations, and tutorial videos.  Go online or follow this link and bookmark today's MDK post for after-the-program help if you need a reminder.

(No, I'm not knitting ahead.  This is one of a pair of mosaic mitts I knitted for the fair, but I wanted to post a picture to go with the post.  I admit, these are the colors I'm using for the Eagle Eye Beanie.)

Friday, October 8, 2021

Time to Cast On!

Linda from Intertwined is coming to teach us Mosaic Knitting at the BLKG meeting on Thursday, October 21 and it'd be a good idea to have the brim of the beanie knitted so that you can dive right into the fun parts.  The pattern she'll be teaching is the Eagle Eye Beanie.  You can find it on Ravelry for $2.50.  It calls for worsted weight yarn in two colors--a main color and a secondary color.  I've decided to go with black for the main color and a rainbow variegated for the secondary color.  The pattern recommends the Alternating Cable Cast On and links to a very good YouTube video for instruction.  I only had to watch twice to figure it out.  Okay, maybe three times but it isn't too difficult to remember.  Since I very cleverly chose black for my main color I'll be hoping for a sunny day tomorrow to get knitting on the brim.  Hope to see you at Grace Lutheran Church on the 21st!  (Remember, the church requires us to wear masks so don't forget yours.)

Monday, September 13, 2021

In Person!

The Bay Lakes Knitting Guild will meet in person on Thursday, September 16 from 6:00-8:30PM at Grace Lutheran Church.  Bring your knitting, of course, and some Finished Objects for show and share.  The program will be the introduction of a UFO challenge and details about the December Ornament exchange.

The church requires us to wear masks so don't forget yours.

If you're unable to attend or not comfortable attending, Carol's email from Sunday has a Zoom link for you to join us virtually.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again!

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Time to Enter

One week from tomorrow is the deadline for entering items in the Brown County Fair.  You don't have to have things done by then, just have them entered.  Items need to be finished in mid-August.  Entries are brought to the Fair on Monday, August 16th 6-8pm or Tuesday, August 17th 8:30-10am for judging Tuesday, August 17th at 10:30am.  Exhibits are released on Sunday, August 22nd at 6pm which is when you get to pick up your entries and any ribbons you've earned.

Entering is easy.  Just go to https://browncountyfair.com/, click on "For Exhibitors" in the upper right of the screen, and use the "Online Entry Portal" just below the graphic and printed welcome.  Or you can scroll down to "Open & Senior Entry Form", print it off, and enter by mail.   For $4 you can enter as many items as you like and you can purchase tickets to the Fair for less than the cost at the gate.  Your ticket(s) will be in the envelope with your entry tags.  (I highly recommend taking safety pins along when you take your entries, it makes attaching the tags to your items much easier.)

Remember that the Fair Judges who gave our May BLKG meeting program highly recommended blocking your items and making sure they're square and straight.  (I'll be over here with a pan of wool wash, blocking mats, and pins.  That shawl isn't straight.)

Come!  Join the Fun!  Enter the Fair!  Win Ribbons!  You know you want to.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Be FAIR for CHARITY 2021


For those who missed the BLKG meeting last Thursday (and a reminder for those who were in attendance) the program was a great presentation by two ladies who are experienced county fair judges. They described how to enter (https://browncountyfair.com) then click on ‘for Exhibitors’. They also gave great detail on what they look for as they are judging each item.

Having been a past entrant and ribbon winner I must say it is a fun experience and who can’t use more fun these days. Please think about entering a few (or lots) of items. The entry fee is nominal and you will even get money for winning entries!

In case you don’t have an item in your recent projects, please consider making something you can donate to charity after the fair. I’ve stocked the sunporch with patterns and yarns so you can choose a pattern and a yarn to go with it.