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It is the mission of the Bay Lakes Knitting Guild to give knitters of all skill levels the opportunity to get to know other knitters, to learn new techniques, and to share their ideas, resources, and talents with the community.

Friday, May 30, 2014

World Wide Knit In Public Day & July Program Prep

June begins our summertime knitting in the park.  We meet in the park just south of our regular meeting place.  In case of rain we will meet at our usual place in the Zeimer Building.  (Remember Monroe Ave. is going to be closed between Chicago St. and Main St. until October, so plan your route accordingly.)

Join us for the BLKG Knit in Public Day at our regular meeting time.  (We're jumping the gun a couple days early.)  KIP Day is a chance for knitters to gather to knit in public places so that people see that knitters aren't just gray-haired grannies knitting afghans in their rocking chairs.  Bring a chair, something to drink, and your knitting.  Come knit with us on June 12th and let people see what a group of sassy and creative people looks like.


If you want to take part in the Knitting with Wire program in July, Andy needs to know soon so she can made sure to have enough kits.  We did a hand count at the picnic but not everyone was there and she'd like the commitment of having the names of those who'd like to participate.  She counted 18 hands at the picnic and only 4 have signed up. The kit will cost a couple bucks and consist of wire and beads.  (If you desire a special color, BYO beads. Andy will email you what size you'll need.)  Andy knitted her shawl pin Design-A-Thon entry with US 8 plastic needles but says you can use any type of straights, maybe not your very favorite ones but she hasn't noticed any damage to the ones she used.  Do not go out and buy size 8 needles if you don't have any or can't find any, US 7 or US 9 will work just fine.  It's a shawl pin, not brain science!  (See me or Andy at the June 12th meeting/knitting in the park for an explanation of that last bit.)  Be sure to bring $2 cash to pay her for your kit.

Please email Andy (put BLKG in the subject line) and she'll have a kit for you at the July meeting.  eastconsingirl (at) gmail (dot) com (without the spaces and with the symbols, of course).

Remember, this is your guild.  If there's a technique you'd like to learn or teach, please email Andy at the above address.

A Note from Our Prez:
I’d like you all to consider running for an office. It is not fair for the membership to lean
on the same 4 or 5 people year after year. Surely you all can see that. New leadership
can only infuse the guild with new energy, so jump on board. Those officers that you
replace won’t leave you high and dry; I know I can speak for them when I say that they
will be right next to you for as much guidance as you would like.

                                                                                                                  --Vicki Jicha

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