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Monday, November 3, 2014

Knit-Away Day Recap

It was fun.

Not enough info?  Okay.  When we arrived at Chateau DePere there was coffee and sweet rolls to help us get the morning started right.  Everyone was happy to be there, talking a mile a minute.  Kathy passed out the pattern for The Elf on the Shelf, along with a jingle bell and pipe cleaner and a tiny bag of sand to use as a weight.  We each were given little hanks of yarn--red, green, and white--and we were off.

Chatter didn't really slow down much once the knitting started but I heard people helping other people learn to wrangle DPNs and reassurance that "yes, it's supposed to look like that."  Soon the bag of fiberfill was being passed up and down the tables as elf bodies got stuffed.

Before we knew it Kathy announced lunch.  There was such a gorgeous spread of delicious salads, breads and desserts, it was impossible to try every one, but we tried.

After lunch we kept knitting on our elves until time for what Kathy called a Chinese gift exchange.  Each of us was asked to bring a small knitting doodad wrapped but not labeled.  We each got a number.  Number 1 chose first and opened her gift, then Number 2 could either choose or take Number 1's gift, then Number 1 got to pick again.  I think I would have been happy with any of them.

Once the gifting was over we went back to knitting, and people started drifting away.  I don't think anyone got their Elf done but we sure had a good time.  Here's a link to the Wikipedia explanation of the Elf on the Shelf story.  I'm sure you can find the book at your local bookstore or order it from Amazon.

Twenty-three members and one guest attended, almost half of the membership.  We had a good time and will do it again.  You should come if you missed this one.

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