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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mittens, Please

I stopped at Annie Jackson Elementary School on my way to work this morning to drop of a few hats and one pair of mittens, all sized for bigger kids.  When I said the magic word "mittens" the secretary said, "It's like you can read minds!  We're desperate for mittens."  So, ladies and gents, fire up those needles and crank out a pair.  If you need yarn, BLKG has a store of "charity knitting" yarn, mostly worsted weight is my guess.  Contact Vicki Jicha and ask her to bring some to the next meeting or offer to meet her for lunch and a yarn hand-off.

I did a little pattern surfing on Ravelry and linked to a few patterns that look quick to make.  I'm a new convert to the speed and ease of 2-needle mittens.  Yes, you have to sew them up the outside of the hand and cuff and the inside of the thumb but they go fast (especially kids' sizes) and they're ambidextrous, by which I mean they fit either hand.

Basic Two-Needle Mittens (worsted, knitted flat)
Last Minute Mittens (bulky, in the round)
Mittens-In-A-Day (super bulky, knitted flat)
45 Minute Mittens (super bulky, in the round)

If you have some scraps of yarn and a couple hours, how about whipping up a pair of mittens for a kid, especially for those "big" 4th and 5th grade kids.  Why not spend the afternoon with a friend, put on a pot of coffee and eat the last of the Christmas cookies while each of you knits a mitten?  How much fun would that be?  You'd have a pair in no time.

See you February 12 when we'll finally learn how to make thrummed mittens.  Start praying now to keep snowstorms away, I hated missing that meeting.


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