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It is the mission of the Bay Lakes Knitting Guild to give knitters of all skill levels the opportunity to get to know other knitters, to learn new techniques, and to share their ideas, resources, and talents with the community.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Getting Ready for the March Program

Did you read the newsletter to see what we need to get ready for the meeting tomorrow night?  I gathered up my yarn, needles, and notions this morning and thought I'd put a post together to help you remember too (and make myself read through the newsletter one more time to make sure I'm not forgetting anything).

Julie L & Marsha A are going to teach us a few cast on methods so we'll need needles in a favorite size and a small amount of yarn to practice with.

Julie D is going to show us how to read charts (don't be scared, you can do it) so bring yarn and needles of any size, although skinny and small might not be the best choices.

Vicki J is going to show us ways to join yarns (without knots, I'll bet).  She asks us to bring a small swatch -- garter stitch of about 20 stitches and a few rows, some contrasting yarn, a sewing needle with a sharp point (not the usual tapestry needle we use for sewing up and weaving in tails), little scissors, and a sense of humor.

I'm excited to learn new things, aren't you?  Bag up a few pairs of needles, some scraps of yarn, and come tomorrow night.  This will be fun.

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