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Friday, November 9, 2012

He-Man Chemo Hats

In the last couple weeks my husband and I have spent a little time in radiology departments and I noticed something--they have bales of chemo caps for women and few to none for men.  One of them has a bin with a few ball caps in it but ball caps are not warm and I'd imagine that a newly-bald head needs something warm.

We talked about charity knitting at the last BLKG meeting, about how we've been knitting preemie hats and chemo hats and charity hats since the Guild began, and that maybe we need to branch out into something like scarves and mittens.  That's a good idea, people need scarves and mittens.  But men need chemo hats, knitted or crocheted chemo hats.  Not only do the hats keep heads warm but a pile of them available for the taking says "I'm thinking about you, wish I could do more, but I made you a hat, hope it helps."  At least that's what mine are saying.

Mitch-made hats
So I'd like to ask you to think about making a man-size, manly-colored hat or two and bring it, or them, to the next meeting on December 13.  VP Mitch dropped a couple off to me the other day--thanks, Mitch!  I already talked to Lucy and she doesn't mind if I usurp a bit of her job collecting charity hats as long as I promise to collect and deliver the ones from January and February while she's away.  I will, cross my heart.

Andy and her first charity Hat-stravaganza

Andy brought a whole bag of hats she'd knitted from the partial balls of yarn left from her projects.  They're deeply ribbed so they should fit most heads.  Here's a link directly to the pdf of the pattern; it's one of those awesome ones that you can make for any size head in many sizes of yarn.  Thanks for the link, Andy! 

Reminder #2:  Please if it's at all possible come to the December 13 meeting.  Not only is it our Annual Dishcloth Exchange (bring one to get one) & Potluck, it's also election time for next year's officers and we need you to be there to vote.  We promise no robo-calls or campaign commercials.

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