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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Red Sock Yarns Lives!

I was disconsolate last September when I scoured Fish Creek and couldn't find Red Sock Yarns.  They weren't in their original store in the Top of the Hill shops and they weren't in their next location behind Fred & Co. either.  The ladies in the beauty shop next door told me that they'd gone out of business.  It made me sad.  I threw away my punch card.  When I talked to my friend KS about us having coffee yesterday she told me that she's started knitting and that Red Sock Yarns is reborn.  Yay.  So we went there.  It's in a tiny little house of a shop next to the Summer Kitchen and across the road from the Red Barn on the north end of Ephriam.  I bought yarn.  (of course I did)

I picked up this sparkly skein of yarn--and couldn't put it down.  It's Kraemer Sterling Silk & Silver, superwash merina, silk, nylon, and STERLING SILVER.  Yes, children, there is a thread of silver in this and I am not putting this yarn into shoes.  NOT.  There're over 400 yards that will make a lovely little shawl, oh yeah.

I also picked up just one skein of Kraemer Perfection, which is a slightly woolier version of Plymouth Encore or Lion Brand Wool Ease, 70/30 instead of 80/20 or 75/25.  Since I enjoy knitting with the Encore and Wool Ease I thought I'd take the Perfection for a test knit.  She didn't have any variegated (we all know I'm a variegated whore) so I settled for this heathered red called Valentine.  It's nice and soft.

If you're in need of a mid-winter yarn break click the link in the first paragraph and go visit Red Sock Yarns in their new spot.  She's even got a kitchenette where you can have coffee and sit sipping and knitting with friends old and new.  You need to go.

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  1. Do you have any updates on Red Sock Yarn? The last few times I've been in DC, it hasn't been open, and I can't find any more information on the internet. Their web site seems to have been shut down, and the Facebook page hasn't been updates since June.